an innovative competence-oriented learning system for
teachers and students

The medusys learning system mediates same topics on three levels with an increasing level of complexity and competence.

Text, design and visual vocabulary are adjusted to the respective level and thus facilitate learning at every level of competence.

From beginner to expert.

In the same medium.


Processes in our body and the environment have an influence on our health, our behaviour and how we perceive the world. To facilitate and expand the necessary understanding of these basic processes is a concern of the present edition of the learning system. This knowledge process is complex and not linear. As many as possible should be taken along. The individual possibilities and abilities should be expanded and strengthened. The character of the medusys learning program corresponds to that of a textbook. It is neither an encyclopedia nor a review collection.
It should:

Facilitate learning

According to the learning progress,
the competence level can be selected
and changed again at any time.

Reduce threshold fear

The entry into a topic at the first level is low-threshold. Few technical terms, simple vocabulary in text, images and forms.

make transitions more low-threshold

The coping with different requirements, e.g. between school and university, is facilitated by the vertical usability of different competence levels.

Adjust the level of lecturers

In a large subject area, teachers do not have the same knowledge in all areas.


The medusys learning system is based on a specially developed LCMS (learning content management system). It is suitable for hosting and displaying different contents from almost all areas of knowledge. This includes also areas beyond the natural and life sciences.

A specially developed editor component allows individual compiling and updating of content. Moreover, animations may be produced within the editor.

The content of medusys is currently being created from biochemistry.

Typical features of the program are shown below with the topic citric acid cycle as an example.

differentiated access

Personal learning habits and preferences are crucial for the success of learning. That is why medusys offers four very different approaches, each of which brings different learning aspects to bear:
⊡ A metabolic map gives a general overview and shows the network of metabolic reactions.
⊡ Detailed information about single enzymes and substance transporters can be found in Glossary.
⊡ in the guided tour the considered section of the metabolic map including the enzyme reactions audiovisual is successively constructed
⊡ The synopsis describes the considered metabolic pathway in detail in the overall context.

Map of Metabolism

The metabolic map shows the sequence of reactions and their embedding in the network of metabolic pathways. You can drag the desired section of the metabolic map into the visible screen area. Details such as formulas, terms of enzymes involved, transporters, hereditary diseases, are not shown at first to facilitate the overall overview. They become interactively visible by hover action with the computer mouse. The presentation of chemical formulas is adapted to the respective competence level.


A click on the green dots in the metabolic map opens a separate window with detailed information on the corresponding enzyme, of course also on the three competence levels.
You will see an example of the structure of a glossary if you start the video on the left.

The topics for the individual subchapters are the same on all levels. They differ only in difficulty and detail wealth.

The glossary contains information on enzyme reaction, molecular structure, properties and pathobiochemistry of the enzyme. Level 3 contains references to the original literature.

Audiovisual content in the form of videos and animations provides further information. Technical terms are explained.

Guided tour

In the video, which you can start yourself, you will see the beginning of a "guided tour".
Here, the observed section of the metabolic map is built up step by step in an audiovisual animation (in the video example, the sound is switched off). In each section, the relevant reactions including formulas are shown. The guided tour is also carried out on the three competence levels.


An extensive, summarising description of an entire metabolic pathway, its networking with other areas of metabolism, its regulation spanning individual reactions, and its significance for health and disease is provided by the synopsis.


The medusys learning system is digital and can be called up on corresponding end devices (PC, tablet, mobile device).

>>state of the art<<<
The contents are predominantly compiled and didactically prepared on the basis of new and newest original literature by an expert team of authors. The modular structure ensures updatability and easy extension or redesign.

The medusys learning system is suitable for both self-study and blended learning.

Integrated Assessment Tools are used for self-monitoring of learning progress, but can also be used as an examination tool.

> Teach and learn for the better <

Thales of Milet 625 - 545 BC


merz education systems

Idea, Design, Content:
Prof. em. Dr. Wolfgang E. Merz

Biochemistry Center Heidelberg University - Wolfgang E. Merz

Design consulting:
Dipl. Designer FH Florian Streckenbach

M.Sc. Sarah Richter

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Students, expert authors, users, sponsors and donors who would like to contribute are highly welcome. It costs a lot of money to set up and maintain such a system. Even small donations can have a big impact.